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Welcome to AR4 Mangoes, a Chemical Free and Biodynamic farm located near Hyderabad, India! Our farm is a family-run operation that is passionate about sustainable agriculture and producing high-quality, organic mangoes.


Our Story:

AR4 Mangoes was founded in 2006 after our family returned to India from a decade spent in the Middle East. Originally planning to start a dairy farm, we ultimately decided to pursue mango farming instead. Recognizing the need for quality organic produce, we established our farm and began growing 22 different varieties of mangoes using traditional farming methods.


As we grew and refined our operation, we realized that simply producing high-quality mangoes wasn't enough to make an impact in the agricultural industry. In 2011, we revolutionized our business model by becoming one of the first farms in India to sell and deliver our produce directly to customers through an e-commerce platform. With a focus on bringing the most delicious mangoes to consumers, we quickly became known for our high-quality, home-delivered mangoes.


Today, we continue to grow and deliver Chemical Free and Biodynamic mangoes throughout India and even internationally. We've faced challenges in distribution and logistics along the way, but we've always remained committed to our goal of bringing the freshest, most flavorful mangoes to our customers.

Our Farm:

Our orchard boasts 22 different varieties of mangoes, as well as other plantations for bio-diversity. We primarily grow Himayat, Banginapally, Kesar, Dasheri, Mallika, Chinna Rasalu, and Alphonso mangoes, all of which are grown using biodynamic farming practices.


We also raise Desi cows that help us prepare organic fertilizers and pesticides. Our commitment to enriching the soil and taking care of our crops is at the heart of our operation.


Our Delivery:

We're proud to offer home delivery of our mangoes across India and around the world. We initially struggled to find a reliable logistics partner for our business, so our family members personally took on deliveries in Hyderabad to connect with our customers directly. Eventually, we were able to partner with couriers to deliver our mangoes across India, and even ventured into exports to the Middle East and UK in 2012.


In 2016, we partnered with local importers to offer our mangoes to customers in the USA through a ground-breaking home delivery model. Our customers in the US are now able to enjoy farm-fresh, organic Banginapally and Himayat mangoes delivered right to their doorstep.


We're grateful for the support of our customers, farmers' markets, and retail partners, and we're excited to continue promoting sustainable agriculture and training farmers in the art of mango-growing. Thank you for choosing AR4 Mangoes!

Meet the Team

"Cultivating delicious mangoes since 2006, sharing them with the world since 2012 - AR4 Fresh Team."

Our Mileposts

Brief highlights of our milestones throughout the years.

TV5 Award pic.jpg

TV5 Business Leader Award

AR4 Mangoes has been recognized as a leader in innovative thinking and sustainability in the agricultural industry, winning the TV5 Business Leader Award in the category of Agricultural Entrepreneurship. We are honored to have received this prestigious award from the Chief Minister of AP, Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy.

US Consulate6.jpg

Interaction with US Consul General

US Consul General Katherine Hadda thoroughly enjoyed the tasting session of Indian Mangoes. As a gesture of appreciation, a gift with a handwritten note was presented to Arifa Rafee, further strengthening the ties between AR4 and the US market.

Mahesh babu.jpg

Interaction with Mahesh Babu

AR4, was exclusively invited to participate in the Maharushula tho Maharishi program. The program featured a special screening and interaction with Superstar Mahesh Babu and director Vamsi. Superstar Mahesh Babu, known for his love of mangoes, was thrilled to receive mangoes from AR4.

Swiss delegation.jpg

Swiss Delegation Visit to Farm

A group of Swiss delegates were greeted with traditional garlands and embarked on a learning expedition. During their stay, they experienced various cultural activities, such as brushing their teeth with neem sticks, eating Jowar rotis with spicy tomato pickle and even plucking tamarind. They also had the opportunity to work on the farm and learn about composting.

catherin hadda.JPG

With US Consul General

During her visit to the AR4 Warehouse, US Consul General Katherine Hadda expressed her excitement upon discovering the different varities of Indian mangoes. AR4's mangoes are exported to the US from Telangana, making the visit a significant opportunity to showcase the company's quality products.


Expats Visit

Guests were invited to Park Hyatt's Masters of Food & Wine experience at AR4 Organic Mango Farm to explore the life story of mangoes. With 22 distinct varieties available, including the famous Alphonso and renowned Azam us Samar, guests savored the unique flavors while immersed in nature. We shared stories and reasons for each variety's existence as guests enjoyed the serene ambiance of our property, making it an unforgettable experience.

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