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  • Also known as Nuzveed Rasalu
  • Small-sized mango variety with heavenly taste
  • Greenish-yellow in color when ripe with sweet aroma
  • Sweet taste with a tangy tinge
  • Enjoyable when consumed directly as juice
  • Juice can be extracted and frozen for later consumption.
  • Each box weighs 3 to 3.2 kg gross
  • Each mango fruit weighs an average of 180 gm to 250 gm
  • Mangoes are packed in raw condition to avoid damages during transit
  • Raw mangoes take 5-7 days from packing to fully ripen
  • Do not put mangoes in the fridge before they fully ripen
  • Mangoes are perishable, so read the return policy carefully
  • Delicate fruit, which may damage during transit.

Chinna Rasalu

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  • Chinna Rasaal is a type of juice mango that originates from the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh regions of India. This variety of mango is small in size, but it is known for its heavenly taste.

    When ripe, the Chinna Rasaal mango is greenish-yellow in colour and gives off a sweet aroma. Its taste is sweet with a tangy tinge, and it is particularly enjoyable when consumed directly as juice from the mango itself. People who have tried this mango often cannot resist licking their fingers after eating it.

    The juice from Chinna Rasaal can also be extracted and frozen for later consumption. This is a great way to enjoy the mango's delicious flavour all year round.

    At our orchards, the Chinna Rasaal variety is particularly popular and often pre-booked in the first week of availability. This is due to its heavenly taste and the fact that it is grown organically. If you are looking for a small but delicious juice mango with a unique flavour, Chinna Rasaal is an excellent choice.

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