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  • Deliveries will start from 1st Week of May on first come first serve basis.
  • Alphonso mangoes typically weigh between 200 gm-260 gm and are round in shape.
  • A box can contain 11-12 pieces of Alphonso mangoes.
  • The mangoes are yellow when ripe with a green tinge.
  • They are sweet when consumed and have a good shelf life, and can be refrigerated after ripening.
  • The mangoes should never be refrigerated before ripening.
  • They are best for making ice creams.
  • Please note that Delivery is subject to weather conditions and if it's not dispatched due to quality issues, customer can opt for other variety or we would refund the amount. 


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  • Alphonso

    Alphonse mango, also known as Alphonso, which is considered the "king of Mangoes." This Indian dessert mango originates from Goa and is widely regarded as one of the finest varieties available.

    Each Alphonse mango weighs around 200 grams and has an ovate-oblique shape. The fruit can be green or a bright yellow, depending on environmental conditions. Alphonse mangoes are uniform in shape and mildly sweet, which gives them a European flavor. They are ideal for use in ice creams and milkshakes.

    However, it is worth noting that Alphonso mangoes inherently have a soft tissue problem where the fruit may appear good from the outside, but when cut, it is partially soggy inside. This is a natural predicament with Alphonso mangoes, and as the fruit is good from the outside, any damages resulting from this issue cannot be refunded or replaced.

  • Shipping Policy:

    Mangoes from India to USA has to undergo various stages of movement.  AR4Fresh Mangoes are moved from Farm to Bangalore and packed in an approved packhouse Infront of USDA Inspectors.

    Post Irradiation in Bangalore Mangoes are shipped to various destination such as NJ, IL, CA, DC, TX as per the requirement in Bulk.

    Home Delivery

    • Post USDA/FDA and Customs in USA Ports Mangoes are couriered from nearest points to the destinations.  Mangoes are shipped using the FedEx Ground and we shall share the tracking number after shipping from USA Ports. 
    • FedEx usually delivers within 24/48/72 hours based on destinations.  If you are not available at the given address FedEx drops the box at the location and AR4Fresh will not take any responsibility.  FedEx data shall be deemed as final proof of delivery.
    • Courier charges are additional to MRP based on Location.

    Pickup Points: 

    • Your Zip code is mapped to nearest pickup points   If your pickup option is not available which means that it is available.  You may request to add you Zip code to the nearest location and responsibility lies with you to pickup with in 24 hrs of information. 
    • AR4Fresh or agents will not be responsible if your box(es) is not picked up before 24 hrs of arrival/intimation to pick up.  If you are out of station, please inform us in advance to adjust the dates accordingly on
    • Additional pickup charges are applicable based on location.
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