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Having circle of friends and connections helps you to get benefits from AR4 Mangoes.  Please click on the link below to join our affliate programme.  Once you complete the signup you will be given personalized link and you can use this link to share with your friends and relatives.  As and when they order you will be notified, and benefits are passed on to you directly.

Who can Join:  Every customer who has good contacts can join and earn a mango box after your contacts made purchases.  Get cash or Mango boxes as per your requirements.  Great way to earn money/Mangoes for influencers.


  1. Sign-up: Interested affiliates can sign up for the program through a dedicated landing page or form.   Link to join Affliate Link to Join

  2. Approval process: Once an affiliate applies, the program manager can review their application and either approve or decline their request to join the program.

  3. Unique referral link: Approved affiliates are given a unique referral link that they can share with their audience.

  4. Tracking: When someone clicks on an affiliate's referral link, a tracking cookie is stored on their browser. If the user makes a purchase within a set time frame (e.g. 30 days), the sale is attributed to the affiliate.

  5. Commission: Affiliates earn a commission of 4% on each sale generated through their referral link.

  6. Repeated orders from the customer also gets a commission of 2%

  7. Customer coupon: Affiliates can offer their audience a 2% coupon to incentivize them to make a purchase using their referral link. The coupon code can be shared with the audience via the affiliate's website, social media channels, or email marketing campaigns.

  8. Payment: Affiliates are paid their commission on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly, depending on the program's payment schedule.

  9. Amount will be transferred to your paypal/Bank accounts.

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