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Himayat for Middle East and Singapore


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    • ‘Himayat’ is Greenish yellow in colour when ripe.
    • When it gives out a sweet smell, it's ready to be CONSUMED.
    • After ripening, should be consumed within 2-3 days or to be refrigerated.
    • Never regret before ripening.
    • Best in Fruit salad..
    • Delivery around 10th of May.
    • Gross weight 4.5-5kgs.

  • Product Code: MAHM01
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 Also known as “Imam Pasand”

 An Exotic variety mango which was one of the highly liked varieties by the queen of England. ‘Himayat’ is one of the best mangoes of India, ideally suited for dessert, the table and show.

The fruit weighs 450gms or more and are a beautiful smooth oval at maturity. Properly harvested and ripened fruit has a fibreless, silky flesh with a deep, sweet flavour and distinct citrus overtones. The sweet aroma of Himayat engulfs the room.

Comparisons are really pointless when it comes to Imam Pasand, a mango that sounds like it should come from the Nawabi culture. Though, himayat hails from Tamilnadu the Nawabs of Hyderabad nurtured it in their orchards.

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Weight 4 Kgs

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