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Chinna Rasal Exotic for Middle East and Asia

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    • Chinna Rasaal- Small in size.
    • Greenish yellow in colour when ripe, gives heavenly aroma when you smell & its ready to be consumed.  
    • Sweet with a slightly sour tinge.
    • Would be sour even a day before it is completely ripe.

  • Product Code: MACR05

Product Description

Chinna rasaal

A juice variety from Telangana & Andhra Pradesh,which is small in size but heavenly in taste.

It is greenish yellow in colour & gives out a sweet aroma when ripe. Sweet with a tangy tinge & one cannot stop licking fingers when you consume it traditionally direct juice from mango.

Juice can be extracted & frozen for the year.

This variety of our orchards are pre-booked in the first week owing to its heavenly taste was organic.

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