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Banginpally for Middle East and Singapore


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    • Turns completely yellow when ripe sometimes with corky dots.
    • If unripe will be white inside.
    • Good shelf life, better when refrigerated.
    • Never refrigerate before ripening.
    • Gross weight 4.5-5kgs.
    • Delivery around 10th of May.

  • Product Code: MABG02
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Product Description


'Alampur Baneshan'  or Bangina Palli originated in the Andhra Pradesh region of SOUTH India and is considered as one of the finest desserts mangoes in the country.

The fruit is large, averaging 300 to 500gms. The fruit is large in size and each bite leaves a flavourful experience.

The skin colour is green and turns to golden yellow with characteristic corky dots covering the fruit surface. The fruit is uncommon outside of India. Truly desi.

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Weight 4 Kgs

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